Sunday, 22 May 2016

40book challenge post -

Sunday 22 May 2016 - Ko te Ratapu rua teakau ma rua o Haratua rua manu tekau ma ono.

Dear Team12,
Wow, it seems like this term is flying. I am reading up a storm as per normal! This term I have finished 4 books - all over 300 pages - so I guess that is 8 books in the book challenge world.

I just finished reading  Thegirl with 7 names by Hyeonseo Lee. Mike Hosking recommended it on TV and I immediately downloaded it on my Kindle.  It is an autobiography written by a North Korean defector. It opened my eyes to the world of communist North Korea. It made me feel really lucky to live in New Zealand. It is a heart wrenching story - and an epic adventure.
I also finished reading A Waltz for Matilda by JackieFrench. It is the first in a series set in outback Australia. It is another epic story that is set the late 1800's and early 1900's. Matilda is a young girl who is really brave. Drought, farming, inventions and hard work life that again made me really feel for the character and make me feel lucky to be living in the 2000's. 

One other book that I have 'read' was Robert Muchamore's the Recruit - it’s the first of the Cherub books. It is an interesting story - action packed, spies, adventures, struggles and maybe even a hint of love. I would recommend this for both boys and girls as the lead character is a 12year old boy, but there are strong female characters too. It was funny at times - making me laugh out loud.  I read this via audio book while I was out walking. I think audio books are underrated - no one is too old to listen to a good story - and seeing as I don't have anyone to read to me I might as well listen along. It also makes good use of my time. I suggest you download an audio book onto your phone or iPod to listen to when you walk to school - maximising reading time!

I am still deciding what to read next - I am thinking maybe finishing Rat Burger by David Walliams or starting the 13th Story Treehouse. I have a couple of autobiographies to read as well including biography of the actor who plays Raj on Big Bang Theory.
I am looking for new suggestions - please add them to this doc for me..

Till next time,
Miss M

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